Conceptual Interface Design

Final project for HF 315 Automation & Systems Issues in Aviation

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The Problem

Level 2 semi-autonomous vehicles (SAVs) do not have a streamlined system in place to communicate with vulnerable road users (VRUs) like other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists. Thus, it was necessary for us to analyze how drivers and VRUs currently convey information to each other on the road. Based on our findings, we developed a conceptual design of an interface that mimicks natural communication processes to make SAVs safer for everyone interacting with these vehicles.

The Solution

Our conceptual design incorporates a cohesive system of three AI vision cameras, a combination LED message board and projector housing mounted on the grille, speakers mounted on the A-pillars and front grille, and an adaptive tone signaling component.

My Role

This project required collaboration and critical thinking. I was tasked with:

  • Understanding how drivers and pedestrians currently communicate with each other
  • Analyzing previous research on how autonomous vehicles communicate
  • Working with my teammates to conceptualize an eHMI system for pedestrian communication
  • Writing a final report summarizing our findings and defending our design


Our final design was sent to General Motors for prototype consideration. Read our story on my business website.

Project Info

  • Type Class
  • Affiliation Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univeristy
  • Duration March 2022 - April 2022
  • Team 5 members
  • Deliverables See below

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